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Manon Schonewille | Mediator & Negotiator

Global training expertise across 5 continents


I am the founder and lead trainer at the Academy of Legal Mediation [link], located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. While our training programs reach professionals worldwide, my focus is on sharing expertise with lawyers, offering personalized guidance in mediation advocacy and advanced negotiation skills. I consult governmental organizations, corporations, and leading law firms in dispute prevention, conflict management, mediation advocacy, and setting up ADR mechanisms and programs.

Moreover, I train professionals worldwide in the advanced use of mediation, negotiation, and influencing techniques, especially in intercultural environments. This includes specialized training sessions for executives, emphasizing negotiation and impactful communication.


My training initiatives extend to international platforms, including negotiation training for executives, primarily through our US partner Accordence Inc. based in Boston. Accordence's foundational methodology is rooted in two esteemed organizations: the Harvard Negotiation Project and Conflict Management, Inc., Roger Fisher's former consulting firm.


Besides this, I participated in Hamline University’s multi-year effort ‘Rethinking Negotiation Training’ to critique contemporary negotiation pedagogy and to create new training programs for a second generation of global negotiation education. I also taught and developed the business mediation, mediation advocacy, and conflict management course at Utrecht University and am a regular guest lecturer at universities.

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Join one of our mediation training programs in The Academy of Legal Mediation

We offer guidance and training to lawyers in mediation advocacy and negotiation skills. We also conduct custom training for organizations.

Manon Schonewille | Mediator & Negotiator

Mastering Mediation

Investing in your professional development and acquiring mediation skills is a strategic move to future-proof your legal career while at the same time finding fulfillment in your job.


Our highly acclaimed course to become a legal mediator, accredited by leading international institutions, provides you with the knowledge, techniques, and practical expertise to succeed in the ever-changing legal landscape. Upon completion and passing an assessment you will be an internationally accredited IMI Qualified



12 days over 3 - 4 months

Manon Schonewille | Mediator & Negotiator

Mediation Advocacy Skills

This is a highly interactive 2-day master class for experienced negotiators and litigators wishing to understand how to provide Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR) processes for each case.


In today's corporate landscape, 80% of clients anticipate their lawyers to possess proficiency in mediation advocacy.


Elevate your expertise by acquiring the knowledge, skills, and practical experience necessary to become a certified mediation advocate.


Participants in this program are eligible for a performance-based assessment

leading to certification conferred by the International Mediation Institute: IMI Certified Mediation Advocate.

2 x 3 hours

Manon Schonewille | Mediator & Negotiator

Specialization Business Mediation

If you've completed your foundational training as a (Legal) Business Mediator and are ready to take the next step, The Academy of Legal Mediation offers a specialization program.


This program equips you with the essential skills and knowledge expected by clients when they engage a corporate mediator. In today's professional landscape, clients are seeking specialized professionals who offer more than just mediation facilitation.


With our Advanced Business Mediation program, you can set yourself apart in the market, joining the ranks of many successful colleagues.

5 days over two months

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