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Mediator / Negotiator

Manon Schonewille | Mediator & Negotiator

Corporate Mediation & Employment Relations


In addition to swiftly building trust, my expertise as a mediator and negotiator lies in uncovering and fostering novel, creative solutions, and removing blocking issues to reaching agreement. The viability of the end result is essential, and, if desired by the participants, I actively contribute insights towards solutions.

My approach is proactive, pragmatic and solution-oriented. Following the motto "mediate the process first," I usually commence with individual intake conversations. Here, each party can express their expectations of the mediation.

Throughout the mediation, I maintain clear leadership, employing a results-driven and versatile mediation style tailored to the parties' preferences and the stage of the mediation process. One-on-one conversations, where we can explore various options confidentially, constitute a pivotal aspect of my approach.

My usual starting point is to facilitate discussions to explore interests, concerns, needs and motivations. Later in the mediation, or as desired by the parties, a more evaluative approach can be chosen to explore alternatives, reality testing and risk analysis. You can read specifics in my ’Universal Disclosure Protocol Mediation (UDPM).’ I work in Dutch, English, and German.

Since 2014, I've been selected and endorsed as leading individual in 'Who's Who Legal in Mediation', I am on the Global Mediation Panel for five UN organizations and mediator for cases of the Enterprise Chamber of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal.


Testimonials from peers, parties and party advisors are referenced below.

“… Manon Schonewille is a “standout” in the Netherlands say sources who note she has “an easy style and it very on top of things”.

Manon Schonewille | Mediator & Negotiator
Manon Schonewille | Mediator & Negotiator
Manon Schonewille | Mediator & Negotiator
Manon Schonewille | Mediator & Negotiator

Manon is endorser of the Universal Disclosure Protocol Mediation and signatory of the Mediators Green Pledge. What does this mean?

Regarded as a “serious name in the industry.

- WWL, Who's Who Legal 2014-2023

Mediation Examples

H&M - FINAL RAW-25-Verbeterd-NR.jpg

Mediator in a multi-stakeholder dispute between a franchisor (management) and the franchisees' organization, concerning collaboration agreements and internal reconciliation.

Mediator in succession, family, and cooperation issues within a family business.

Mediator in a conflict of cooperation among 5 partners in a medical partnership.

Mediator in a dispute over the termination of a joint venture, involving multiple reciprocal claims between a semi-public organization and an SME company.

Mediator in several employment disputes and cooperation matters, including dismissal cases, exit mediations, or contract terminations.

Mediator in a contractual dispute between the partners of a medical

partnership and the board of a hospital.

Mediator in (international) collaboration matters, such as between:

  • Teams from the Swedish headquarters and teams from the German subsidiary.

  • American and Australian colleagues in a multidisciplinary project team.

  • The European headquarters and an employee from a subsidiary in the Middle East of a biotechnology company.

  • Greek consultants, trainers, and legal advisors.

  • Marketing personnel from French and Belgian subsidiaries and the German headquarters of a FMCG organization.

Manon Schonewille has consistently received high ratings for the effectiveness of her mediation skills, based on feedback forms dating from 2009 to 2022. Parties and legal counsels reported a high degree of satisfaction with the outcome and process. The majority would engage her services again, and some have reported using her services multiple times.


- IMI Certified Mediator review of Prof. Dr. A.J. Verheij

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